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Retouching bicycle frames

Gold plating bicycle has been an ongoing trend for well-renowned brands like Brompton. Many of our clients have the desire to have a gold-plated bicycle.

These are the type of plating that are most popular this year in 2021:

1. Gold Plated bicycle
2. Black Nickle bicycle
3. Rose Gold bicycle

Gold-Plated Brompton (Wheels and Gears)

Gold plating Renovation Works

With Chinese New Year around the corner, renovation companies are extremely busy. StarEP has worked to enhance and ensure a shiny and beautiful home that's ready for Chinese New Year by gold plating your desired renovated items.

Here are the top few items homeowners plates:

  • Door locks and handle

  • Staircases

  • Display cases and frames

  • Signs and many more

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Gold plating

With the increase in the demand for gold, gold has never looked shinier than before.

Many ways to make your precious jewelery stand out is to gold plate it. With a thin layer of gold coating over your jewelery, it will mimic a more expensive piece of it.

StarEP monitors the market to constantly match the gold prices in hope to give customers an ease of mind.

Gold plated unit number, door handles and locks.

24k Carat Gold plated display plate

View moreUpdated on 30 Jan 2021